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Arctic Trucks history

The origin of Arctic Trucks can be traced back to 1990 when Toyota in Iceland started to modify 4wd Utility and Sport Utility Vehicles. This business has over the years taken us a long way, building up great experience and knowledge that has given us a world renowned expertise in the field of SUV modifications.  We do have a great respect for Nature and we encourage our customers to tread lightly and avoid travelling over any terrain that could possibly be damaged by the vehicles.

Arctic Trucks now operates independent from Toyota distributor, working together with several car importers, as well as individuals.  Arctic Trucks vehicles are modified 4WD with the purpose of meeting the strictest requirements under the severest possible conditions, without any compromises in requirements for appearance and driving properties. Our employees are absolutely the best people in the business, with many years of experience in modifications of various 4WD vehicles.

The cars have proved their qualities under the most severe conditions, travelling over terrain where no cars have ever been driven before. The cars have all the conveniences and driving properties that can be expected in modern cars, but also have the special advantage of being able to go where others don‘t dare or simply can’t even dream of!

Precious Experience

For over 25 years, Icelanders have been modifying vehicles to improve their performance on difficult terrain in severe climate where the roads are often unsafe, difficult and even dangerous.

The strongest motivation is the desire to enjoy Icelandic nature in winter as well as summer. Another factor is the demand by utility companies and the general need of getting from one place to another in rough circumstances.

From the start Arctic Trucks has focused mainly on two customer groups for special converted vehicles:

  • The first group consists of people interested in travelling in unknown terrain, outdoor people looking for more all-round use and more comfortable and safe way to travel
  • The second group consists of utility companies and organizations, such as telephone companies, power and electricity companies and rescue squads that are in the need of powerful vehicles that can be depended on

Today Arctic Trucks employees are absolutely the best in the business, with many years of experience in conversions of various 4WD vehicles.  The technical personnel at Arctic Trucks have over the years developed each individual detail in the modification process in close cooperation with the State Technical Institution, not least with regards to safety and driving characteristics.


Arctic Trucks has participated in three major expedition projects outside of Iceland. The first one was an expedition to the Antarctica, organized by the Swedish Polar Institute in cooperation between Sweden, Norway and Finland in 1997/1998.

In the spring of 1999 Arctic Trucks took part in an expedition across the icecap of Greenland, where the participants drove in the footsteps of Fridtjov Nansen, the first man ever to cross the Greenland icecap.

The latest project of Arctic Trucks was an expedition with BBC Television‘s Top Gear show, Toyota GB and Polar Challenge to the Magnetic North Pole.

All these expeditions were unique since it was the first time automobiles were driven in these regions. Expeditions are of great importance to Arctic Trucks, They provide the ultimate test of the design and a unique opportunity to try out the vehicles under the worst possible conditions.

Research and development

Based on experience we have gathered in participating in expeditions, we have been able to increase our level of knowledge and at the same time the overall quality of our modification work.

With new aims for bigger markets, research and development will change. Larger markets and stricter regulations call for more detailed design and testing. A lot of work has been put into modifications of several models and now we are in the process of having them approved by the European regulations. That approval will give Arctic Trucks access to many new markets in Europe.

In 1999, Arctic Trucks expanded its operation to Norway in co-operation with the Norwegian Toyota distributor. This involved somewhat different emphasize and new types of technical requirements than in Iceland. The operation in Norway has expanded rapidly with many car brands being serviced now.

Arctic Trucks is expanding, an operation started in Riga Latvia in 2007. Along with that Arctic Trucks is looking into possibilities of operation in other markets.

In 2014 Arctic Trucks opened new branch - Arctic Trucks Poland with headquarters in Sokółka.



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