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Black Out System

In our unique Black Out System for Land Cruiser 200, you can turn off every light outside and inside your vehicle whenever needed.

The system is simple to use and controlled with 5 switches.

  • The blackout switch always stays in neutral position and the system is controlled by pressing on or off.
  • In blackout mode, all warning lights will turn off and go to buzzer; the airbags are switched off, and the map lights will turn off if any door is opened. The light switch will automatically change to operate the IR lights.
  • If the buzzer warning sound turns on during blackout mode the driver has the possibility of taking a quick look at the combination metre switch and the combination metre will light up while the switch is held down.
  • Even when warning buzzer is activated, the buzzer off switch can be used to silence the buzzer while operating the vehicle.
  • In normal mode, with blackout switch in off position, all light sources will turn on again, airbags are back on (unless switched off specially) and map lights will keep on when doors are opened.
  • The horn off switch can be used to deactivate the horn, to prevent the user from accidentally honk the horn. This function works both in blackout and normal mode.
  • Airbag off switch can be locked in two positions, on or off. In blackout mode airbags are always off, but in normal mode you can turn off the airbags with this switch.

The Black Out System, BOS, is delivered ready for installation in every Land Cruiser 200.


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