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Arctic Trucks is a leading company in modifications on vehicles to increase drives and off-road driving properties. Since 1990, Arctic Trucks has specialized in vehicle modifications to create solutions that work in some of the world’s most challenging conditions, including the Magnetic North Pole, the South Pole, forests, mud and deserts. Every situations demands different solutions, and Arctic Trucks has met every challenge with vehicle modifications that work.

Our three Land Cruiser 200 High Mobility Systems are: AT35, AT37, and the ultimate AT42.

  • In AT35 the vehicle is raised and modified for 35” tires to increase ground clearance and stability
  • AT37 adds further to the vehicle’s ground clearance in off-road conditions
  • AT42 is the ultimate change where the vehicle is modified for 42” tires to turn LC 200 into a super off-road vehicle

The large tires, strengthened chassis, and other modifications create a vehicle that withstands almost everything with all the comfort of LC 200. These properties stay the same during the most difficult off-road driving even with the excess weight of armour.

Arctic Trucks also modifies other types of vehicles, e.g. Toyota Hilux, Nissan Patrol, Mercedes G-wagon, and more.


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