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Limp Mode Override

A Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is equipped with a Toyota standard electrically controlled diesel engine. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is equipped with a limp home function. This function reduces performance in some cases when a faulty sensor signal is discovered and allows the vehicle to limp home without damaging the engine.

In emergency situations it may be crucial to have full engine power and it could be dangerous if the vehicle went into limp mode.

When full power is needed and is more important than not damaging the engine or the transmission and the vehicle goes into limp mode, the Limp Override Switch overrides the ECU and the vehicle gets full power if possible.

If there is no possibility of avoiding the ECU going into limp home mode, the sub ECU will take over the injection control and  ensure sufficient level of engine performance as long as it is mechanically possible.

The Limp Override System, LOS, is delivered ready for installation in every Land Cruiser 200.


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