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Combat proven high mobility vehicles

By modifying some of the world’s best 4x4 vehicles, Arctic Trucks takes mobility in military context one step further.

Our products are combat proven through numerous missions in some of the world’s most extreme environments. The success is based on the fact that Arctic Trucks products are reliable, reduce the running costs and increase the mobility to the extreme. Arctic Trucks purpose-built vehicles today serve in Africa, in Asia and Europe, and are combat proven every day.

The foundation of the company Arctic Trucks was based on an actual need for high mobility performance for a whole nation. The topography and the climate, combined with the population pattern in Iceland, have always set extreme demands for mobility.

Mission success in any harsh environment can only be achieved through quality and experience, and our products have successfully completed missions such as:

- crossing the ice cap of Greenland
- driving to the Magnetic North Pole
- participation in scientific expeditions in the Antarctica.

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