Toyota Hilux AT35
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The Toyota Hilux AT35 is based on the well known and worldwide Toyota Hilux.

In order to fir the larger 315x70 R17 off-road tires the front and rear suspension is lifted 40 mm and the wheel arches are cut up and made larger.Tailor made fender flares are fitted to cover the large tires.

The side steps are extended to match the fender flares.

The modifications are design in such a way that the vehicle will keep all its original functions and still get better drivability, both on and off-road. All parts are either genuine Toyota parts or special parts fabricated from high grade material and designed by strict standards.

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The AT35 is ideal for hunters, farmers and park rangers, or just for those who want something different from the rest.​

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These modifications increase the car ground clearance from 292 mm to 340 mm at its lowest point.

Heading and ramp angle increases by 11 degrees and the exit angle by 5 degrees, significantly improving off-road characteristic.

The modification keeps the turning radius close to the factory original.


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