Toyota V8 AT35
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The LC V8 AT35 is the top of the line in the Arctic Trucks family. The Land Cruiser 200 is fitted with 35" tires and suspenison lift. Tailor made fender flares are fitted that will give your car a prestigoius yet powerful look. The perfect combination of power and grace.

The LC V8 modified with 35" tires gives you exellent performance off road but also provides you with an outstanding overview of the traffic in the city. Behind the wheel of this car you have the ability to decide where to go, whether if that is a ride in style in the city or a trip to the roughest outback.

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This modification is the perfect choice for the urban professional who wants the best of two worlds, urban style and off road. You decide.

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These modifications increase the ground clearance of the car by 45mm, heading angle
(5°) exit (6°) and the ramp angle by (4°)
, significantly improving off-road characteristic.

Larger wheels provide the deeper wading opportunity and easier overcoming obstacles in the field.

The modification keeps the turning radius close to the factory original.


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